Electrical Engeneering

  • Photovoltaics

  • Biogas

  • Wire straightening device

Planning, implementation, maintenance

As specialised company we provide you with an extensive range of services. We assist you with the implementation of customer requirements and we would be happy to accompany you already in the planning phase in order to find exactly the solution which is suitable for your project.

Grid analysis

Dysfunctions caused by different electronical devices cause harmonic components resulting in several problems. A careful grid analysis helps to locate the cause of failure.

Advice for the elimination of grid failures

Following an analysis we advice you in terms of the elimination of located grid failures.

Creation of a load profile for the planning of PV systems with own consumption assessment

Energy generated from PV systems is decreasingly fed in and increasingly used by the producer himself. By assessing the exact demand for electricity and the amount of energy to be provided in the course of a day a PV system can be planned according to the customer’s requirements. The creation of a load profile is therefore an indispensable prerequisite for the cost and energy efficient operation of a PV system.

Electric smog measurement

For various reasons it can be useful to reduce the electric smog radiation to a minimum. This applies especially for the lab, the working area or the home. The electric smog measurement locates the radiation exposure caused by electronic equipment (PC, networks, etc) Measurements like low radiation screens, the use of cables rather than wireless connections or cut-off mechanisms in bedrooms e.g. may reduce the radiation exposure efficiently.

Inspection of portable and stationary devices

Operators have to make sure that the electrical devices and the manufacturing equipment are inspected for their proper condition. All required checks are carried out according to the relevant testing standards.

You will find more information on www.pr-o.info.

PV systems

We support you with all questions in terms of the use of PV systems: from the planning through the tender preparation and execution to the maintenance. You find an exploratory film about the energy turnaround on www.newslab.de.

Programming services for Siemens-LOGO control systems

With the Siemens-LOGO control systems small controlling tasks can be solved cost efficiently. We analyse the particular programming assignmen, choose the relevant components and take care of the complete implementation.

Wire straightening device (patented in-house development)

AER’s patented in-house development: an easy to handle tool for the straightening and bending of lightning protective conductors and dissipations. The wire straightening device is used during the installation of the lightning protective system as well as during straightening processes after damages caused by adverse weather.
It is characterized by the following features:

  • No threading of the wire is necessary,
  • Lightning conductor support needn’t be dissassembled in order to straighten hidden wire
  • Precision bending

Technical data:

  • Device with ten or eleven guide pulleys for the straightening and bending of all usual lightning protective materials between 8 and 10 mm
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Processible Material: AL, ALMgSi, CU, Niro 1,4301 and 1,4571

If you need more information please contact us.

Wire straightening device (PDF)