Control Technology

  • Sequence control biogas system

  • Load management

  • Irrigation management

AER acts internationally

In the fields of control systems and renewable energies we have already been involved in several research and large scale projects all over the globe. Here you find a selection of the projects implemented to date.

Central water cooling system

Customer: Fa. SMB EHG, Rothenkirchen | Period: 2010 - 2011

A cooling system with stainless steel tube system consisting of 3 pumps, heat exchanger and central control was installed for ten tube manufacturing machines.

Control systems crane systems

Customer: Fa. Bang, Oelsnitz | Period: 2005 - 2013 |

AER was responsible for the electrical installations and the commissioning of new crane systems.

Biogas plant 2x500kw in Boeddenstedt

Customer: Hinrich und Schütte GbR | Period: 2005 - 2006

The sequence control for a biogas system was designed and implemented as an in-house development.

Complexe measuring system for the determination of discrete hydraulic soil parameters

Customer: Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen AIF „Otto von Guericke“ e.V. | Period: 2006 - 2009

A physical interface has been developed for a polymer hygrometric measuring system with transducer, analog and digital interface as well as remote data transmission of the measuring data. This project was funded by AIF.

Vitalhaus Bochnjak

Customer: W. Bochnjak/Vitalhaus Bochnjak | Perios: 2009 - 2011 | Location: Auerbach / Vogtland |

The Vitalhaus Bochnjak, located in the Vogtland Auerbach gathers alternative practictioners and physiotherapistsim, a wide variety of saunas and exercise opportunities. AER was in charge of the planning and installation of the complete electronics in several stages of constructions.

Presentation of the German research and innovation potential

Customer: Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt / gefördert vom BMBF | Period: 2008-2009 |

In the years 2008/2009 AER took part in a marketing action which looked at the minimization of the impacts of the climate change in Australia. Numerous contacts have been established to Australian institutions and companies working in the field of irrigation control and environmental technology.

SME-innovative cooperative project micro precision farming

Customer: Projektträger Karlsruhe Wassertechnologie und Entsorgung / gefördert vom BMBF | Period: 2010-2012 | Ort: Ägypten

In cooperation with other companies AER has developed new solutions for irrigation techniques for the micro precision farming in Egypt.

Photovoltaics systems with more than 500 kwp

Customer: Energiebau Solarstromsysteme GmbH Köln | Period: 2011 |

A PV system has been built on the roof of the UN building in Nairobi. The complete builidng is supplied with the generated electricity.

Use of solar energy in the Egyptian convent St. Antony

Customer: Energiebau Solarstromsysteme GmbH Köln | Period: 2012-2013 | Ort: Ägypten | |

The convent St. Antony in the Egyptian desert is supplied with energy using an island power supply system that is unique in the world. Additionally to the existing diesel generators a PV system has been built in order to reduce the diesel consumption by 80%. A large scale battery system is planned. Especially for the convent a load management control has been developed by AER in order to level the varying output of diesel generators and PV system.

Advice and complete installation dental surgery

Customer: Dr. K. Eckstein | Period: 2012 - 2013 | Ort: Oelsnitz / Vogtland |

In a residential building with a medical practice for general dentistry and oral surgery AER was responsible for the complete installation and the connection of all kind of dental equipment. An extensive advice was part of the realization in order to do the installation considering the local conditions.